Memorable design

MGallery spaces are not just well designed, they weave a story through fabric, timber, and stone. Our striking spaces combine the singularity of each hotel with the history and culture of its location. ​​Meet some of our storied designers…


Magical atmospheres

French architect Jean-Philippe Nuel has designed unique hotels around the world. After the beautiful reimagination of Le Molitor in Paris and the successful renovation of Les Cures Marines in Trouville, Jean-Philippe recently completed the transformation of the Hotel Croisette Beach into a bohemian chic cocoon in the heart of Cannes.


French elegance and Slavic joie de vivre

Serbian-born interior designer and architect Ana Moussinet considers the volume of a space a material to be sculpted, and she has lent her signature mix of French elegance, contemporary design and Slavic joie de vivre to the renovation of two MGallery hotels in historic European cities, Century Old Town in Prague and Hôtel de Paris in Odessa.


Keep the memory of a mythical hotel

Christian Lacroix, French fashion designer, costumer and designer wanted to maintain the memory of the mythical Hôtel Jules César in Arles, the city where he was born. « Today, people who go to the hotel are looking for a second home; they also want to be told a story » recalls Christian Lacroix, who highlights through this project the many lives of the building.


Contemporary twist

Russian interior designers (and twin sisters) Irina and Olga Sundukovy transformed the interiors of Hôtel Le Louis Versailles Château. They paid homage to the Sun King with royal flourishes like crystal chandeliers and antique molding details, as well as choosing a concrete finish that lends a dash of modernity to the trompe l'oeil ceilings based on the palace rooms.


Modernity with echoes of the past

Design and architecture firm with a team of 49 multi-disciplinary creatives, Concrete Amsterdam and its founder Rob Wagemans used the site’s ink-stained history as a present-day muse that celebrates the nostalgia of stories once told and the possibilities of those yet to be written.