Esprit Feel Good – holistic wellness designed by MGallery


Extend that sense of total wellness well beyond your stay in our hotels

MGallery hotels offer you timeless moments, an immersion in a unique story and an unparalleled feeling of wellbeing. Add more serenity to your daily life with our wellness philosophy.

Like a much-needed timeout from life’s frenetic pace, your stay in the MGallery collection of hotels recalibrates your internal compass for a sense of wellness. Now, thanks to our Esprit Feel Good program, you can replicate some of those experiences at home and improve your physical and emotional health every day.

Listen to podcasts (available in French only) from our experts on sleep, fitness, meditation and nutrition. MGallery hotels’ holistic approach is centered on four essential pillars for total wellbeing: the art of sleeping well, connection to self and others, physical activity and a balanced diet. Find out more about the keys to this art de vivre.

Balanced diet: wellness begins in your plate

Contrary to popular (mis)perception, a healthy diet is not about deprivation. You simply need to make smart choices about what and how much to eat.

Every day, our chefs apply the principles of healthy cuisine by working with fresh, local and in-season ingredients and by serving just-right portions – enough to satisfy hunger and prevent snacking, but never too much.

Benefit from the expertise of chef and naturopath Angèle Ferreux-Maeght each time you breakfast in the MGallery collection of hotels. Delicious and nutritious, the juices that Angèle creates make the most of each fruit’s assets. Every ingredient plays a specific role in creating dishes with different advantages.

Get a taste for these healthy cocktails, and reproduce some of them in your own home.

Physical activity: understand and take care of your body

Essential to good health, exercise improves the condition of both your body and mind.

Weight loss, sculpted muscles, better cardiovascular health... Getting up and moving offers so many physiological benefits. What's more, physical activity also helps you relax, gain self-confidence and restore energy. But on one condition: exercise should be personalized to suit each person’s preferences and fitness level.

In partnership with Baya Home Studio, our expert Cynthia offers yoga classes that anyone can follow. A certified sports coach and osteopath, she has developed a program just for MGallery, available on our wellness platform. Simply scan the QR code found in your MGallery room, and unroll the exercise mat whenever you’re ready. Start the day with one of six routines, from morning yoga for gentle muscle awakening to flow yoga for managing stress before your next meeting. If you love these yoga sessions, subscribe to Baya Home Studio and continue this holistic practice at home.

Exercise is not the only way to take care of your body. With signature treatments, the spas at MGallery hotels can also help you get back in shape.

Connection to self and others: calm down and open up your mind

To better appreciate your relationship with others, it is vital to pause, focus on yourself and quiet your thoughts.

Deeply social by nature, human beings need interactions in order to thrive. The quality of our relationships with others depends in part on our ability to connect with ourselves. To see more clearly and to calm the mental agitation of everyday life, MGallery hotels have partnered with Petit BamBou, the top meditation app in France.

During your hotel stay, you can learn to let go, take a step back and channel your attention – all thanks to the meditation cushion available in your room and the wellness platform easily accessible by a QR code. Here again, the physiological and psychological benefits are proven and interconnected, as explained by Dr Amsellem-Sanguignol during our Pink October campaign in 2020.

Benefit from this complimentary initiative by MGallery to continue your new meditation practice at home with Petit BamBou.

Art of sleeping well: the secret to restorative nights

Essential for the proper functioning of our body, sleep is both a health indicator and a wellness tool.

From memory to our immune system, the importance of quality sleep cannot be overstated. That is why MGallery hotels have brought together all the elements that envelope you in comfort, whether you seek a little nap or a deep sleep. From high-end sheets and bedtime routines to a day filled with positive thoughts, we share with you the secret of magically restorative nights in our hotels.

Ultra-comfortable bedding largely contributes to a good night’s sleep, but before that come end-of-day rituals that prepare your body and mind for slumber. Perhaps a warm bath with the delicious scent of luxury products in your bathroom. Soft background music while sipping one of the organic herbal teas from your courtesy tray. Or an evening yoga session to release the tensions built up from sitting and working all day.

Focusing on the positive can also quiet your thoughts. The MGallery hotel collection sends positive vibes your way throughout the day via short messages that bring a smile to your face. A room key reminding you to “Be happy. Be bright. Be you.” Or a mug that states “Little moments make big days.” For we believe it's the small details that add up to great happiness.

The idea is to put wellbeing at the heart of the MGallery experience.

Antoine Lecoq

Director of the Cures Marines wellness institute