The overlooked benefits of traveling alone with MGallery hotels


Inspired by Her pays tribute to women travelers

You might not always choose to travel alone. But with MGallery, it is always nice to do so. Through services designed by women for women, your path will always be lit up with attentive gestures.

Some women apprehend traveling alone, whether for business or pleasure. But with Inspired by Her, designed for today's female globetrotter, you are never bored, lonely or unsafe. So see how to get the best out of solo travel with these often-overlooked advantages.

With less to pack, you can travel with peace of mind.

When you travel alone, you pack only one suitcase, without having to help a partner or child pack theirs.

With MGallery hotels, you enjoy not just the comfort of packing only your own things, but peace of mind from knowing that your hotel has already thought of everything in advance. And not just toiletries in your room.

You will find dressing gowns in two sizes and two pairs of slippers to try on for custom relaxation. Staff at Le Domaine des Vanneaux even provide hot-water bottles for those who love to cozy up in a warm bed at night. Your tights have just frayed? You forgot your make-up remover? No worries. Just call the reception.

Quality time for well-being

When you are on your own, you can hear your inner voice more clearly.

Daily routine never really lets the mind roam free or your true talents come to light. When can you finish that book? Or perhaps even write your own story? Or meditate? Or just give free rein to your creativity?

MGallery hotels hand you back this precious time. Just for you. And for you alone. With renowned spas, personal yoga mats and even a special app called Petit BamBou to help you meditate, you are spoilt for choice in ways to unwind.

And with a bathroom just for you, why not try a new look? MGallery staff provide you with all the ingredients needed make your hair and make-up perfect – from elastic bands, clips and pins to spray, straighteners and curlers – without ever leaving the hotel.

With this generous range of tools, you alone become the artist behind your dazzling new style. So take all the time you need to make it your own. Even start all over again. And again. Whether you want a natural appearance or a more polished look, you set the pace.

Lacking inspiration? The hotel L'Échiquier Opéra Paris has a partnership with experts in massages, manicure, pedicure, blow-drying and make-up. These top professionals come to you on request at special rates.

Tasty guilt-free food

Here, no one will judge you. So give in to the temptation of culinary treats that stay wholesome.

When you heartily tuck in to a generous plate of rich food, people tend to pass judgment. Yet those same people seem disappointed when you choose the menu’s most sensible, health-conscious dish. You just can't win.

But at MGallery hotels, you can leave this frustration behind when you enjoy lunch or dinner alone. The chefs concoct gourmet dishes as tasty as they are healthy. Which gives you new ideas to try out in the kitchen back home.

With room service, you can make the most of all your room’s amenities while keeping your privacy. Yet solitary travel should not stop you from enjoying the exquisite ambiance of our bars and restaurants. Ask the barman to concoct a custom drink just for you. Get to know our gifted mixologists. And at Grand Hôtel Cabourg, don't miss the hotel's special non-alcoholic creation: the cocktail By Her, a delightful beverage you can enjoy while keeping all your health-conscious resolutions.

Become a calmly confident traveler

Solo travel is not reserved for seasoned adventurers. Staff at MGallery are there to look after you, making sure your stay goes smoothly.

Traveling alone can be an enriching experience. Provided that you have peace of mind about it. Once again, it is MGallery’s attentive touches that make all the difference.

Rooms close to entrances are kept for women traveling on their own. Which means you can get back to your cozy sanctuary more quickly than to a room at the end of a long corridor. Perfect when your suitcase is heavy or your heels are high.

In each hotel, our concierges are endless sources of top tips. They will let you know the best spots to visit that fit perfectly with what you are looking for. So if in doubt, turn to one of these trusty guides.

As you can see, there's no need for a travel companion to book your next trip. So why wait? Plan a getaway with the best partner in the world: yourself.