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Immerse yourself in exclusive treasures that touch the spirit, creating singular moments that leave in every guest a cherished memory, nurturing an internal flow to collect new ones with each journey.


Do not miss to book your M Moment. Simply add your M Moment as an additional offer after selection of your room category during your booking. You can also call the hotel for any information and book directly via phone if you want to enjoy this experience apart from your stay.

Wellness moments

Nurture your body while nourishing your soul. Inspired by local know-how, these wellness moments integrate the healing powers of nature, movement and mindfulness to truly live in the present moment.

Tasteful Moments

Food sustains, but it also enlivens and enlightens. A destination becomes a part of us while enjoying each bite. Taste their stories through exclusive gastronomic moments and local discoveries.

Nature Moments

The Earth calls out for us to experience her majesty and love her creation. Discovering incredible surroundings, being guided through unexpected landscapes. These moments awaken and revive our senses.

Cultural Moments

Immerse yourself in local culture, discover hidden gems. From museums to art galleries or outdoor guided tours, we invite you to connect with history, anecdotes of people and events of ages past.

Creative Moments

For creative travellers or art lovers, let yourself be guided by experts in their field to create one-of-a-kind souvenirs, learning from the best as you try your hand at their craft.

Sports Moments

Jog along a sun-dappled forest path. Relax with yoga in the fresh sea air. Awaken the senses with a breathtaking view at the end of an energising hike. Experience unforgettable sensations.

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