Family Memories

Start the next chapter of your family’s history

Family Memories

Start the next chapter of your family’s history

Family memories are precious, created from the unique history shared between you and your nearest and dearest. From a cherished photo to a funny story or a breath-taking discovery, these enduring souvenirs are imprinted on our hearts.  
Begin the next chapter of your family’s history by taking advantage of this special MGallery offer. Give the kids their own space and save 50% on the price of a second room for them. We’ll also treat them to a gourmet breakfast so the whole family can start the day right.  
Unforgettable days begin with our Family Memories package. Which magical destination will you discover next? 
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This offer includes

Which magical destination will you explore as a family next? Choose today where you want to go, then select from among MGallery’s collection of exceptional boutique hotels. Soon, you and your loved ones will be headed to a secret hideaway, a historic building or a locale with spectacular scenery.

While you can’t put a price tag on experiences that last a lifetime, MGallery gives families preferential treatment with a special offer that includes:
– 50% savings on a second room for the kids
– complimentary breakfast for the kids*

Start planning your next vacation today.

Bath, United Kingdom

Cheltenham, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cannes, France

Venice, Italy