Century Old Town Prague
Guided tour of Century Old Town, Prague 16 & 17 Sept. Unveil the treasure of the majestic Neo-Baroque architecture in the very heart of the city, near the Old Town Square and the famous astronomical clock. Follow the footsteps of the great writer Franz Kafka and embark on a exclusive journey. Book now
The Bodrum Hotel Yalikavak
Guided tour with the artist at The Bodrum Hotel, Yalikavak 16 Sept. Discover the artworks of Mr.Ahmet Güneştekin, a worldwide renowned artist whose works span painting, conceptual art, and sculptures. He will personally guide guests through a tour of his creations elegantly displayed in the hotel. Book now
The Municipal Hotel Liverpool
Guided tour of the Municipal Hotel, Liverpool 15 Sept. During your exclusive visit, explore the history of the building and observe several original features. You will discover the transformation of this building from former city council offices to a luxury hotel. Book now
Rezydent Sopot
Experience at Rezydent Hotel, Sopot 17 Sept. The iconic architecture of the façade & the interior will be narrated through our guide during an exclusive tour. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover old photographs from the 19th C., taste delicacies and savour the signature cocktail. Book now
The Bridge Wroclaw
Immersive guided tour of The Bridge Hotel, Wroclaw 16 & 17 Sept. The Bridge Hotel opens its doors and invites you to visit a place where art and history blend with the present. Discover unique historical figures associated with the city of Wrocław through an unique experience. Book now
Minaro Hotel Tokaj
Cinema and tasting at Minaro Hotel, Tokaj 17 Sept. Experience a timeless moment by watching iconic Hungarian movies ("Stars of Eger" and "Carousel") at the beautiful Minaro Hotel nestled in the Tokaj hills, while enjoying local wine. Book now
Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli
Experience at Palazzo Caracciolo, Naples 23 & 24 Sept. This unique tour offers visitors the opportunity to experience firsthand the culture, art, and history that permeate the majestic walls of this hotel. At the end of the tour, an aperitif will be set up to spend an unforgettable day. Book now
Hotel Costanero Montevideo
Guided tour of the Costanero Hotel, Montevideo 07 & 08 Oct. Embark on a journey to discover the hotel through a guided tour, during which we will talk about our iconic object and the history that links Pocitos Beach to the hotel. Book now
The William Inglis Sidney
Experience at The William Inglis, Sydney 22 Sept. Experience a guided tour of The William Inglis Hotel, followed by afternoon tea in The 1867 Lounge. Explore Riverside Stables precinct, delve into the history of horse racing in Australia and celebrate the Inglis family legacy. Book now
Hotel The Porter House Sydney
Experience at The Porter House Hotel, Sydney 23 Sept. Enjoy a guided tour to explore the contrast and combination of historic and modernism features on the two adjacent architectures. A drink will be provided during the tour. Book now
Fable Auckland
Experience at Fable, Auckland 27 Sept. Embark on a journey to discover this building constructed in 1928 as a 10-story structure known as Auckland's first skyscraper - Windsor House. The guided tour will conclude with an elegant high tea experience. Book now
Manly Pacific Sydney
Exclusive Photography Workshop on the Beach at Manly Pacific, Sydney 16 & 20 Sept. Step into the lobby, where the walls will come alive with captivating surf photographs of Manly. Renowned photographer Murray Fraser will showcase his collection and guide you to Fairy Bower, the beach, to capture the perfect sunrise shot. Book now
3 Nagas, Luang Prabang
Guided heritage tour of 3 Nagas Hotel, Luang Prabang 16 & 17 Sept. Embark on a journey to discover 3 Nagas Hotel through a unique guided tour. Following the tour, you can enjoy the signature ice cream, which is part of the hotel history. Book now
Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney
Travel into the time at Harbour Rocks Hotel, Sydney 17 Sept. Discover the many lives of the property closely linked to the iconic district of Sydney through an exclusive tour, followed by a refreshing iced tea tasting. Book now
Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai
Guided tour at Veranda High Resort, Chiang Mai 20 Sept. Through this tour, immerse yourself in a complete Zen experience thoughtfully divided into two distinct zones: On one side, the cultural heritage of the north, while on the other, relish in the modern elegance of the Veranda Style. Book now
Veranda resort Pattaya
Guided tour of Veranda Resort, Pattaya 14 Sept. Discover Veranda Resort Pattaya through a guided tour and immerse yourself in the local traditions: "Lifestyle by the Sea," inspired by the history of the fishing village of Na Jomtien Beach from the past. Book now
Avista Grande Phuket Karon
Cook like a chef at Avista Grande Hotel, Phuket Karon 20 Sept. Celebrate Phuket's Sino-Portuguese and tin-mining heritage. Enjoy an exclusive hotel tour, a Thai cooking class inspired by Phuketian traditions, and an immersive tea-time experience. Book now
Santa Teresa Hotel Rio de Janeiro
Artistic immersion at Santa Teresa Hotel, RJ 22, 23, 24 Sept. Feel inspired by a painting exhibition dedicated to the local artist Marzio Fiorini in the hotel lobby, followed by a guided tour to explore the galleries and explore the architecture of Santa Teresa. Book now
Le 1932 Hotel & Spa Cap d'Antibes
Festive guided tour at 1932 Hotel & Spa, Cap d'Antibes 17 Sept. Come and discover the history of this iconic hotel through a guided tour paying homage to the refinement of the Roaring Twenties, the art deco architecture and design, in a contemporary interpretation. Book now
La Licorne Hôtel & Spa, Troyes
Guided tour at La Licorne Hotel & Spa, Troyes 16 & 17 Sept. On Christmas in 1445, the first stone of a private Grammar school was laid, enabling young Troyes residents to receive education in Latin. From convent to police station, discover the history of La Licorne Hotel. Book now
L'Aigle Noir Hôtel, Fontainebleau
Historic tour at Hotel l'Aigle Noir, Fontainebleau 16 & 17 Sept. Explore Hotel l'Aigle Noir through a guided tour filled with history, followed by a mixology session. Then, discover the origin of tennis at the Cercle du Jeu de Paume in company of the master. Book now
Royal Émeraude Dinard
Step into a villa from 1892 at Hotel le Royal Emeraude, Dinard 17 Sept. Delve into a unique guided tour echoing various famous personalities who have left their mark on the city's history. The hotel signature cocktail will be offered at the end of the visit. Book now
Le Grand Hôtel Cabourg
Visit to room of Marcel Proust at the Grand Hotel, Cabourg 17 Sept. Visit the legendary room 414, a reproduction of what the hotel might have been like during the Belle Époque. It was one of the rooms occupied by Marcel Proust, who wrote a part of "In Search of Lost Time" there from 1907 to 1914. Book now
Le Grand Hôtel Cabourg facade
Discovery of arts and crafts at the Grand Hotel, Cabourg 16 Sept. Meet the world of arts, crafts, and heritage through demonstrations of expertise and exchanges with professionals and artists. La Villa du Temps retrouvé and the Grand Hotel Cabourg invite you for precious encounters with talented local artisans. Book now
Hôtel de la Cité Carcassonne
Guided tour of the Hotel de la Cité, Carcassonne 16 & 17 Sept. The Hotel de la Cité invites you to uncover its secrets throughout the European Heritage Days weekend. Take advantage of these unique opportunities to delve into the fascinating history of the hotel and explore its hidden treasures. Book now
La Cour des Consuls Hotel & Spa Toulouse
Free visit of La Cour des Consuls Hotel, Toulouse 16 & 17 Sept. For the European Heritage Days, Le Cénacle opens its doors. In this perfectly restored hotel, you will discover a fireplace dating back to the year 1536, from the Renaissance period. It is adorned with the Barrassy family's coat of arms. Book now
La Cour des Consuls Hotel & Spa Toulouse escalier
Guided tour of La Cour des Consuls Hotel, Toulouse 16 & 17 Sept. In the heart of a grand hotel, visit this staircase dating back to 1750 and its railing registered as a Historic Monument. Discover its history, as well as that of this unique place through a guided tour. Book now
Hôtel Le Royal  Lyon
Guided tour of Le Royal Hotel, Lyon 16. Sept. We welcome you to discover the entire history of Le Royal Lyon Hotel, from its construction in 1888 by Prosper Perrin, up to the present day. Enjoy a panoramic view of Lyon from the hotel's top floor and leave with a souvenir of your visit. Book now
Cures Marines Hôtel & Spa Trouville
Vintage poster exhibition at Cures Marines, Trouville 16 Sept. From the earliest tourist promotion posters to those by Savignac, Eric Garance, or Emilie Arnoux, embark on a journey to discover the posters that have contributed to the city's reputation through a circuit. Book now
Art performance at Molitor Hotel, Paris 17 Sept. Observe the transformation of the inside pool of Molitor by the artist duo Lek & Sowat. You will also get a chance to meet the artists at the end of the performance. Enjoy the cabins before their destruction and have a preview on the future NFTs. Book now
The Artisan Hotel
Guided tour and cruise at The Artisan Hotel, Istanbul 26 & 27 Sept. Starting the day at the hotel, you can explore its permanent art collection through a guided tour. Afterwards, embark on a unique boat journey along the Bosphorus to experience Istanbul like you've never seen before. Book now
Hotel des Arts
Digital exhibition at Hotel des Arts, Saigon 25 Sept. Discover the best-kept secrets of Saigon's heritage in a mini-exhibition by Saigoneer writers. Immerse yourself in history amidst the cultural and artistic ambiance of Hotel des Arts Saigon. Book now
Baron Amedee
Guided tour at Baron Amédée Armand Hotel, Marseille 16 & 17 Sept. Explore the historical hall where Napoleon hosted the Bonaparte family at Marquis Chevalier de Cipières' mansion for 6 years and discover lost steps with pink marble columns and a replica of Petit Trianon's staircase from Versailles. Book now